5 Books To Read Before The End of Summer

By on Thursday, September 3rd, 2020 at 6:41 pm

Even though summer is almost over, there are a few books we still need to read. If you’ve been following Notable Online over at The Rumpus, you probably noticed how many great events there are every week. All the virtual events have made it even easier to feel overwhelmed.

Don’t fret! We have you covered. Although we aren’t writing up virtual events, here’s a few books we would have written about this summer if we were attending events in person. It’s not too late to check them out!

Quotients by Tracy O’Neill

Tracy O’Neill’s debut novel, The Hopeful was a brilliant examination of aspiration. Her latest novel, Quotients, probes the intersection of privacy and technology. O’Neill joined the Antibody Reading series in May, and the archive of that night is available online at YouTube, or check out Virtual Franklin Park Reading Series.

Destination Wedding by
Diksha Basu

In her debut novel, The Windfall, Basu explored the anxieties and neuroses of rich people. Her latest novel, she takes a look at a family traveling to India for a wedding and hijinks ensue. Basu joined the Antibody Reading series in June, and the archive of that night is available online at YouTube.

Tertulia by Vincent Toro

Vincent Toro’s latest collection of poetry examines the human condition at the intersection of colonialism, immigration, economics, and race. Vincent Toro has written for English Kills Review in the past, and we have an interview from when the launch of his previous collection.

Sensation Machines by Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is one of the first book events we covered at English Kills Review, and we’ve been stalking writing about him ever since. Check out an excerpt from his new book over at LitHub, or see what he had to say about his previous book, What’s Important Is Feeling, when Wilson was at the old Center for Fiction with Peter Mountford.

Being Lolita: A Memoir by Alisson Wood

Back in 2016, Alisson Wood founded the Pigeon Pages Reading Series. Her memoir explores an inappropriate relationship with her high school teacher. Allison Wood spoke with Michele Filgate and Lynn Steger Strong virtually with McNally Jackson Books in August, now available on YouTube.

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