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Caitlin Corrigan is a writer, performer, and educator currently living in Portland, ME. She received her MFA in Fiction from Rutgers – Newark in 2014. Her fiction, book reviews, and essays have appeared in a number of outlets, including Word Riot, NANO Fiction, and the Tin House “Flash Friday” feature. Contact her at caitlincorrigan.com or on Twitter at @corrigancait.


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False Binary, False Victories: Drafting and Revising as Partner Process


Monday, July 21st, 2014 | 3,755 views

Writing about writing process is hard to do without making some broad generalizations riddled with exceptions, so let’s get the first out of the way now: there are two types of writers, those who love to draft, and those who love to revise.

It’s clear which camp has claimed me. I’m messy by nature, born with a high tolerance for stacks of teetering books on the floor, scraps of fabric and sequins piled in the corner, overstuffed bulletin boards with layers upon layers of postcards, photographs, ticket stubs. Not quite a hoarder, but hoard-ish—and the same goes for my drafts.

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