Reading Series Census: Same Page

By on Monday, July 2nd, 2018 at 9:01 am

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What is the name of the series, and what is the significance or meaning of the series name?
The series is called Same Page after the colloquialism “We’re on the same page,” both because it indicates the ethos of the series is for like-minded people who are exciting about all forms of the written word, and because the two founders had the idea for it at the same time.

Who founded the series, and who runs it now?
It’s run by its founders, Sarah Madges and Mickie Meinhardt.

What genres or mediums does the series include?
All genres! The series is open to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and comedy, and seeks to includes all kinds of writers—essayists and journalists from the media world alongside poets and fiction writers from the literary world.

What is the format of the series?
We call it a writer’s variety show—the goal is to have a diverse selection of readers from all genres and backgrounds; we aim not to have more than one type of any genre each month. It features 4-5 readers each month, who are given 8-10 minutes to read. It’s from 7pm to 9pm.

Where does the series take place?
The Red Room at KGB Bar

When and how often is the series performed (and is it seasonal)?
It takes place on the second Wednesday of every month. We currently have no plans to put it on hiatus or take a break for any months.

How long has the series been active?
Since June 2018.

Where can people find information about series on the web?
On Facebook, at

Do you take submissions, solicit material, or a combination?
We do a combination. Anyone can submit to the series by sending a 1500 word sample of what they would like to read to, along with a brief bio. We will solicit readers to round out a lineup and ensure we have a diverse group.

Did you set out with specific goals when the series was launched and have they changed over time?
We’ve just launched, so our goals are the same: To give a platform to writer’s of all kinds, regardless of genre, experience, or clout. We don’t discriminate based on where or if they’ve been published or what they want to read (as long as it isn’t profane or offensive). Our goal with Same Page was to create a reading series that’s actually fun, and funny, that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and doesn’t feel closed off to only members of the NYC literary set. We hope that all kinds of people, not just writers, will come to and enjoy Same Page.

What distinguishes the series from others?
The inclusion of comedy and the hope for media writers makes this less of a literary venture and more just a place for anyone who works with words.

The next Same Page reading is set for Wednesday, July 11, 2018 and will feature Omotara Jones, Nick Murray, Kem Joy Ukwu, Tai LeClaire and Demetri Raftopoulos.

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