Reading Series Census: Soul Sister Revue

By on Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 4:36 pm

Soul Sister Revue

The New York City Reading Series Census is an ongoing project to catalogue the contemporary literary scene. Any reading series curator in the New York area can take the survey here.

What is the name of the series, and what is the significance or meaning of the series name?
The series is called Soul Sister Revue, a reading series for established and emerging poets who write in the narrative tradition of storytelling. The series is meant to honor the African tradition of stories passing on through generations.

Who founded the series, and who runs it now?
The series was created and is curated by Cynthia Manick.

What genres or mediums does the series include?
The series is focused on poetry and prose poetry.

Where does the series take place?
The series takes place in various locations throughout NYC including NYC Poetry Festival

When and how often is the series performed (and is it seasonal)?
The series performs four times a year, one show per season. Typically two established poets read along with emerging poets.

How long has the series been active?
The series was created in November 2013.

Where can people find information about series on the web?

Do you take submissions, solicit material, or a combination?
3 to 4 pages of poetry can be emailed to

Did you set out with specific goals when the series was launched and have they changed over time?
I created this series so that poets could have the opportunity to read with established writers and vice versa. I also realized that the majority of reading series are geared toward the majority, and I wanted to create a space for Black writers and other minority cultures.

What distinguishes the series from others?
The series is really about poetry that tells stories of life experiences and connecting to audiences through a safe space.

The next Soul Sister Revue reading is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at HiFi Bar 6 p.m., and features E.J. Antonio, Jeremy Clark, Hafizah Geter, Lynne Procope, Mundo Rivera, along with Host Ed Toney and Curator Cynthia Manick.

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