English Kills Review is an online magazine covering books, authors, and writing with an emphasis on New York City. Founded in 2012, English Kills Review engages the literary community while highlighting noteworthy books and authors.

English Kills Review Staff

Ian MacAllen

Founder / Editor

Ian MacAllen is the founder of English Kills Review. He holds a Master’s Degree in English from Rutgers University and he has contributed writing to The Rumpus, The Billfold, Electric Cereal, Thought Catalog and io9. His internet performance art projects East Williamsburg Secession Movement and Toilets of New York have received international print and digital coverage. He lives in Brooklyn, tweets @ianmac47, and experiments on Tumblr.

Melissa Adamo

Associate Editor

Melissa Adamo received her MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University, and her essays, poems, and reviews have previously appeared in journals, such as Mezzo Cammin, Per Contra, and The Rumpus, among others. Teaching various English courses at Montclair State, Ramapo College, and Rutgers-Newark whilst working as a writing tutor at Brookdale Community College, she gets to enjoy the best the NJ parkway has to offer due to her love of language and try-hard students. Follow her word-thoughts on writing, feminism, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Twitter @adamopoeting.

Roberto F. Santiago

Contributing Staff Writer

​Roberto received his MFA from Rutgers University, and BA from Sarah Lawrence College. He is a ​2015 Sarah Lawrence Summer Fellow, ​2014 Lambda Literary Fellow​,​ and the recipient of the 2011 Alfred C. Carey Poetry Prize. Currently, he works as​ an educator​ in San Francisco. Roberto writes and produces his own music, ​and likens himself to Tennessee Williams in a poodle skirt, ​Gloria Anzaldúa in culottes​, and/or ​​James Merrill in ​p​oom​-​poom shorts.​ ​H​e​ has​ also​ been known to dance until he rips his pants. His first full-length collection of poems, “Angel Park,​”​ ​is out right now ​​from Lethe Press. Roberto’s poetry has been published in such journals/anthologies as: Assaracus – Sibling Rivalry (2014), CURA: A Literary Magazine of Art & Action (2014), The Waiting Room Reader: Stories to Keep you Company – CavanKerry (2013), Collective Brightness: LGBTIQ Poets on Faith, Religion & Spirituality – Sibling Rivalry Press (2011), Me No Habla With Acento – El Museo/Rebel Satori Press (2011), -gapeseed- Uphook Press (2011), and The Best of Panic: En Vivo From the East Village – Rebel Satori Press (2010).
Follow him on Twitter @theRFSantiago.

Alexander Norcia

Contributing Staff Writer

Alex Norcia is a writer living in Brooklyn. His fiction, non-fiction, and criticism have appeared in McSweeney’s, Eclectica, HTMLGiant, and Word Riot, among others. He frequently reviews books at Slant. Follow him on Twitter @Alex_Norcia.

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Kill is a Dutch term for a small river or creek. The English Kills serves as the border between Brooklyn and Queens near the geographic center of New York city. Below, the East River with the Newtown Creek and the English Kills extending outward:


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