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English Kills Review publishes essays from both regular staff writers and guest contributors. We are always eager to hear from new writers.

Literary Essays

We are seeking essays that intersect contemporary literature with culture, writing, literary production, writing craft, and publishing primarily as long-form content. These can be critiques, commentary, opinion, and personal narratives. We are also always interested in hearing about craft or production of books.

Personal Essays

We are interested in personal narratives with a strong voice or perspective on the world. Offer us a unique perspective on the world and make us believe its the only way of seeing things. While there is no fixed rule on length, the minimum is likely 1,000 words.


We consider interview pitches. Please provide links with previous interview or writing samples along with the person or persons you are interested in interviewing. Please include why you think they will make compelling interview subjects and let us know if you have the contact information for your subject.

Event Recaps

While we regularly recap reading events around New York City, there are always more events than there are people who can attend and write about them. We also hear that other cities host literary events too. If you are interested in writing about a literary event in New York City or other location, pitch us. Please provide links with previously published work, even if this is on your own website. Most event recaps are between 800 and 1,500 words. We are also particularly interested in improving our coverage of poetry and poetry events.


We prefer finished essays in a length appropriate for the topic, except for interviews or events coverage. Our preference is for fully thought out, original concepts in longer formats. The internet provides unlimited space to explore topics. We are of course aware that the internet audience also has a short attention span. For a point of reference, we consider anything over a thousand words as having achieved long-form.

For Authors

English Kills Review does not publish book reviews. However, we are extremely interested in contemporary literature, the zeitgeist of publishing, and craft. Authors looking to promote new titles should contact us if they are interested in being interviewed. We are also willing to consider pitches for shorter essays from authors with new books exploring the process of publication, representation, or post-publication.

Submit Here

Please feel free to query about the status of submission after three weeks. We do tend to provide feedback with rejections and have worked with contributors to improve essays prior to publication. Send all inquiries to the following address:

English Kills Review does not currently pay contributors.

Literary Events

English Kills Review recommends The Rumpus Notable NYC for literary events in New York City. The Rumpus also provides columns of notable literary events in the following cities: Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, and The Twin Cities.


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