Housing Works Bookstore

Once the center of literary community in New York City, the stunning bookstore space has seen a new management team reinventing the store’s role. Events are much less friendly for literary events generally than they have been in the past and management now has an antagonistic relationship with the literary community. Book events are limited to certain days of the week and only a few per month are even allowed to be scheduled unless a publisher is willing to rent the space.

Management is currently in a labor dispute with workers looking to form a labor union, and event curators should inform readers of the situation before booking. In the past, publishers were requested to donate books to sell in support of the space. Although the space is large by Manhattan standards, ongoing disputes with labor means it is an ill-advised choice for community based events.

126 Crosby Street
Accessible: No
Sound system: Provided.
Alcohol: Yes.
Coffee: Yes.
Book sales: Used bookstore; requires book donations
Admission price: free.



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