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Reading Series Census: Manhattanville Reading Series (archive)

By on Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 1:11 am

The New York City Reading Series Census is an ongoing project to catalogue the contemporary literary scene. Any reading series curator in the New York area can take the survey here.

This archive is being created after the reading series has ended to document its existence. It was not filled out by the founders or curators.

What is the name of the series, and what is the significance or meaning of the series name?


Who founded the series, and who runs it now?

Manhattanville Coffee hired Penina Roth to curate a reading series for their Crown Heights location. Deirdre Coyle assisted.

What genres or mediums does the series include?

Nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.

What is the format of the series?

Each reader read for approximately 8 minutes with a short intermission.

Where does the series take place?

The series took place at Manhattanville Coffee, 167 Rogers Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

When and how often is the series performed (and is it seasonal)?

The series was monthly.

How long has the series been active?

The series last one year, between January 2016 and December 2016.

Where can people find information about series on the web?

The reading series is no longer active, but there is an archive online at Tumblr.

“Regrettably, Manhattanville’s management didn’t share our enthusiasm. Although our readings were always crowded and many area residents became regular customers after learning of the café through our events, the owners were disappointed that our literary nights weren’t turning a profit. Selling coffee and tea in the evening hours was not ideal. More bottom line-focused than civic-minded, the owners said they didn’t have the budget to host the series if their sales didn’t change. By October 2016, when sales—unsurprisingly—failed to rise, Manhattanville Coffee shut us down.” We had a great run in 2016, and thanks so much to all our amazing readers, our super enthusiastic audience, and the Crown Heights community — we appreciate all your support! Deirdre and Penina

Do you take submissions, solicit material, or a combination?

Readers were solicited.

Did you set out with specific goals when the series was launched and have they changed over time?

The series was intended as a promotional for the new location of the Manhattanville Coffee shop.

What distinguishes the series from others?

The series was intended to highlight emerging writers along with one headliner.


The inaugural Manhattanville Reading series included Madeline Stevens, Jesse Kohn, Yahdon Israel, and Will Chancellor.

Other readers included:

February 2016 – Mira Jacob, Jennifer Baker, Amy Yedida Wolfe, and Matthew Daddona

March 2016 – Alexandra Kleeman, Deirdre Coyle, Aurvi Sharma, and Morgan Beatty

April 2016 – Lincoln Michel, Kyle Lucia Wu, Annabel Graham, and Julia Phillips

May 2016 – Jaime Green, Laura Spence-Ash, Ajay Arora, Paul Lynch

June 28, 2016 – Angela Flournoy, Nick Mancusi, Lena Valencia, Anika Lani

July 26, 2016 – Sarah Gerard, Jared Daniel Fagan, Amy Gall, and Adalena Kavanagh

August 30, 2016 – Laura van den Berg, Saxon Baird, Jen Choi, Bruna Dantas Lobato

September 27, 2016 – James Boice, K Foote, S Langlois, Kem Joy Ukwu

October 26,2016 – Dolan Morgan, ALexandra Drywall, Gessy Alvarez, Alexandra Tanner

November 29, 2016 – Isaac Fitzgerald, Joy Baglio, Darley Stewart, and Ian MacAllen

December 20, 2016 – Mitchell S. Jackson, Nancy Hightower, Carrie Cooperrider, Emily Cementina



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