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Lit Pics: Rally Reading

By on Friday, March 4th, 2022 at 11:38 am

Rally Reading was temporarily hosted by Alex Vara while Ryan Matthews was at a residency

The Rally Reading series, held once a month on Thursdays at Pete’s Candy Store, is political by design. On March 3, 2022, the Rally was in-person at Pete’s Candy Store.

Host and curator Ryan Matthews was attending a residency so guest host Alex Vara got things going.

The Rally is both a reading series and a fundraising apparatus. At each reading, guests are asked to contribute to a charity chosen by the readers. This month, readers chose the International Rescue Committee.

Brian Gresko reads from their memoir at the Rally Reading series

Brian Gresko took the stage at the Rally Reading series to read from their memoir. The selection was about their relationship with their father, and how Brian preferred reading books to sporting activities.

Brian also mention how the Rally Series originated back in 2016. Following the results of the election, they hosted writers from across the city in their kitchen to discuss the outcome, and to find solutions.

One of those suggestions was the creation of an overtly political reading series. Over the course of several more meetups, the series took shape finding a home on the stage of Pete’s Candy Store. Christopher Green hosted a one-time event, and now Ryan D. Matthews curates the series as a monthly event.

Brian also hosts Pete’s Reading Series, also on Thursday nights. Later this month Jane Pek, Edgar Gomez, and Daphne Palasi Andreades will be at Pete’s Reading series.

Dolan Morgan read two pieces

Dolan Morgan is the author of two story collections. (We were there back in 2014 at the launch of That’s When the Knives Come Down). Dolan has been working on a third collection, and some interesting concepts involving singing.

Dolan read from two pieces, excerpts from “Ghost Conference” and “Slow 9/11.”

Find out more about Dolan’s projects at or pick up a copy of Insignificana or That’s When The Knives Come Down.

Cara Blue Adams read from her book, you never get it back

Cara Blue Adams read from her collection You Never Get it Back. The thirteen stories follow Kate Bishop on her life’s journey.

Find out more about at

For more information about the Rally, check out the answers to the Reading Series Census.



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