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H.I.P. Lit’s Très Brooklyn Brings Parisian Books to Brooklyn


Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 | 7,043 views

Kim Perel, Angie Niles, Courtney Maum, Jilie Orringer, Erin Harris, and Brittney Inman Canty at Très Brooklyn

The always spectacular H.I.P. Lit series hosted a Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend event last week inspired by Paris featuring authors Angie Niles, Courtney Maum, and Julie Orrginer.

H.I.P Lit is run by Erin Harris, Kim Perel, and Brittney Inman Canty. Harris and Perel are literary agents while Inman Canty works for Pushkin Press handling the publisher’s American publicity. The series is held irregularly, but only because each event is a major production. H.I.P. is much more than just a typical reading. The events are fully themed with decor, artwork, and the readers carefully chosen. With Très Brooklyn, H.I.P. promised Paris and H.I.P. delivered Paris.

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