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Immersed In Place: Talking with Scott Alexander Hess


Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 | 2,040 views

Scott Alexander Hess is as prolific as they come, a natural storyteller who’s always plotting new ways to transport his readers to different eras and locations. For his new pair of novellas, The Root of Everything & Lightning, published on Rebel Satori Press, Hess presents authentic literary historical fiction with riveting LGBT+ themes. I caught up with Scott to ask about his choices, process, and personal connections to the vivid worlds he creates within both novellas.

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Sawdust and Raw Meat: An Interview with Scott Alexander Hess, author of The Butcher’s Sons


Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 | 4,237 views

Photo of Scott Alexander Hess courtesy of the author

The Butcher’s Sons is the latest novel by author Scott Alexander Hess. He launched The Butcher’s Sons in May. The family saga is set in 1930 New York City and follows three Irish brothers as they attempt to find their place in Hell’s Kitchen.

Roberto Santiago: Congratulations on the release of book No. three, The Butcher’s Sons! Since we are Press brothers, I must ask: How did TBS find its way to Lethe?

Scott Alexander Hess: My first two novels were with a different press, which did not deal with literary fiction. Those first books were a bit more subversive, while The Butcher’s Sons represents my current direction as a writer toward literary historical fiction. I hunted around for a good match and saw that Lethe authors had won awards and I read some good press. So I submitted and began a wonderful relationship with publisher Steve Berman.

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Scott Alexander Hess Reads The Butcher’s Sons


Wednesday, May 13th, 2015 | 4,938 views

Alexander Scott Hess, author of The Butcher's Sons

Scott Alexander Hess celebrated his latest novel, The Butcher’s Sons, last week at Boxers NYC, a rooftop bar in Hell’s Kitchen. Set in that neighborhood in the 1930’s, The Butcher’s Sons follows three Irish brothers. Hess was joined for conversation by Joseph Salvatore, editor at The Brooklyn Rail.

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